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fuel+more gives you overview and measurable savings

Consumption management

Using pin numbers (and terminal entries) fuel+more administers fuel cards-, vehicles- and drivers. The system collects all individual refuellings from both home based- and public- filling stations and imports them into one collective document.

Stock management

fuel+more gives you a complete overview of your stock-levels and identifies delivery-needs. Automatic error-selections addresses unwanted differences e.g. leakages. It is all documented in a simple and uncluttered manner.

Consumption- and operational statistics

fuel+more prepares consumption reports for vehicles, drivers and fuel cards. The system registers patterns e.g. damaged vehicles. fuel+more also contains an interactive statistics-tool. fuel+more generates documentation for invoicing.

Intuitive and simple software

fuel+more is an intuitive online system, which saves you the trouble of installing and updating. It is always at hand, user-friendly and easy to manage. fuel+more has straight forward graphics in reports and statistics. The system is very easy to navigate- and edit.


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More than 170 hauliers use fuel+more for managing and distributing fuel consumption

A brief introduction
What do you get with fuel+more?

fuel+more provides an administrative service-function for companies that administer fleets of vehicles and drivers as part of their daily operations. The system is intuitive and user-friendly not to mention an excellent money-saver. Watch a brief introduction to fuel+more in the video (right):

fuel+more - economical and efficient fuel management

fuel+more is an intuitive online operational optimization-tool that makes it easy for you to maintain a clear and constant overview of the fuel transport company with consumption- and stock management/control, documentation and statistics.

fuel+more is a further development of our original system, TransEconomy. It is developed especially as a service-function for companies that administers fleets of vehicles and drivers as part of their daily operations.

What does fuel+more do?

All your company’s individual re-fuelings from both home-based- and public filling stations are imported and shown in a collective document. Detailed reports show the distribution of consumption and vehicle runs, making them easy to manage and re-invoice. Automatically generated markings of glitches identify differences or anomalies. The system show tank-level status and prevent homebased fuel-tanks running dry.